The Tank Museum. Bovington, Dorset, UK. World’s finest collection of armoured vehicles.

The Tank Story

I simply have to mention the Tank Museum as it is not far from me in Dorset and I have visited it several times. It is a must for anyone interested in military vehicles like myself.

Twice yearly now they have a Tank fest in which they roll out the restored Tiger 131. I went along to the one in 2017 but, very sadly, have lost the footage. This is the next best thing, actually it is better as the chap filming could get a lot closer!

The awesome Tiger
A parade of tanks starting with the Easy Eight Sherman used in the film ‘Fury’ and there is also a Valentine.
Looks rather formidable, doesn’t it?
The sheer width of the tracks is incredible, but they would have had to be that wide to support all that weight. Still, didn’t help them much when they got stuck in the mud in Ukraine as my Father could testify!
The rear of a tank was almost always the most vulnerable part and the Tiger was no exception.
Soviet KV-1 in winter camo
‘For Leningrad. Leningrad women to the front!’
Yours truly. Just to prove I was there!
Brad Pitt on Fury, well ok it’s a dummy!
T-34 85
Aw they named it after me!