Ju-87B-1 Stuka. Airfix 1:48. Battle of Britain.

The unmistakeable Stuka preparing for action

One of the most famous and easily recognizable aircraft of World War II, the Stuka needs no introduction. I made this model a few years back and decided it definitely needed a place on my site! It was a fairly straightforward build as I recall with not too many parts. I decided to liven it up a bit with a yellow-nose version and this 6./St.G 77 sports a RLM 04 yellow cowling and spinner cap.

By the time of the Battle of Britain in 1940, tactical coloured markings accompanied the revised sizes of Balkenkreuz to make aircraft recognition easier in the busy skies of the Channel and South coast of England.

The famous gull-winged Stuka was the main weapon which Göring turned against the RAF fighter bases. But the easy victories of the past campaigns had been won in the absence of adequate fighter opposition, and RAF pilots found the Stuka an easy prey (see clip at end from Battle of Britain movie). Severe losses in operations throughout August destroyed its reputation as the all-conquering weapon of the Luftwaffe, and the Ju-87 was withdrawn from the spearhead of the attack.

The ‘Trumpet of Jericho’ sirens are clearly visible on this particular aircraft, usually they were not installed or capped off to reduce drag by about 20mph. The aircraft is in the standard RLM 70/71 over 65.

Well Manfred, how about another bombing mission on Exeter!?
Box art
Battle of Britain ‘Stukas v Spitfires’

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  1. Thanks for posting this one, one of your early builds nice to see, I built this many years ago but didn’t survive,taken out by a Spitfire! Get some more early kits of yours up.Nice job on the Stuka the yellow livens it up on a dark scheme

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