ICM 1:48 I-153 Soviet Biplane fighter ‘Chaika’.Истребитель И-153 “Чайка”.

I-153. Think she looks rather cute even if a little on the tubby side!

This is the ICM kit of the legendary I-153 Soviet fighter, the last and most perfect of the N.N. Polikarpov design bureau biplane fighter family. It had a gull or v-shaped upper wing, hence the nickname ‘Chaika’ or ‘Seagull’, which became its official second name, also retractable chassis and four ShKAS machine guns. It had an M-62 radial engine while later versions had a more powerful M-63.

Actually today most researchers and aircraft connoisseurs do not rate the Chaika very highly, as they consider producing biplanes during 1938-40 a mistake.

After the Spanish Civil war, monoplanes showed their superiority to bi-planes, but they continued to be produced.

To achieve an increase in speed while retaining manoeuvrability was only possible by reducing aerodynamic drag. Therefore, the aircraft was equipped with an upper wing of the ‘seagull’ type.

The maiden flight of the Chaika was in August 1938. During 1939-41, 3,437 I-153s were produced. In the summer of 1941, the Chaika was the basis of Soviet Fighter Aviation together with the I-16. They were used in combat until 1943.

Has a nice radial engine, pity it is hidden by the cowling!
This particular version was part of the Northern Fleet Air Force, Vaenga, 1941
Some of the camouflage options. Was quite attracted to the top one which flew in the battle of Khalkhin-Gol in August, 1939, one of my favourite battles!
The new background-my attempt at being Van Gogh!
Could carry bombs or rockets
Actually a very attractive looking aircraft. Tupolev, the Soviet aircraft designer, said an aircraft should look beautiful and I heartily agree!
The detailed engine-just in case you don’t believe there is one inside!
The set of rigging wires I used for the kit. There are enough braces for another model!
Box art
There is my model! The guy running alongside is saying see if you can catch me!
And this is how a lot ended up! Used en masse at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the I-153 suffered heavy losses and later types were rarely used in combat.

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  1. Thanks. It is a nice simple scheme for a change. The top one was tempting would have needed a fine brush for all the squiggles. The 1930s is an interesting transitional period in aircraft design. Took some a while to realise bi-planes were obsolete.

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