Douglas A-4Q Skyhawk. Airfix 1:72 scale. Argentinian Naval Air force. La campaña militar para liberar las Malvinas 1982!

3a Escuadrilla A de Caza y Ataque, Escuadra Aeronaval, 25 de Mayo, South Atlantic April-May 1982

This is my second venture into the Skyhawk 1:72 realm from Airfix and again it is an Argentinian version from the Falklands conflict but this time in the more standard grey camouflage. I chose deck tan shade from the Vallejo paint range to depict the colour as opposed to satin light gull grey as it appeared to be closer to some of the photo references I have seen but who really knows!? Truth, as they say, is all shades of grey! Anyway, I particularly liked the markings on this aircraft which is why I chose the subject.

All of the information about this aircraft is identical to the previous version so I will just take you through the build instead.

I had a job keeping the canopy hood raised so I attached a small support in the cockpit made from thin scrap plastic. Again I made hoops for the tail fin from copper wire, these were possibly radio antennae or weights, not sure which!
A very attractive scheme with minimal weathering
Quite a lot of masking involved. 1:72 scale can be just as challenging if not more so than the larger 1:48. I left the air intakes off at this stage so I could airbrush the insides white.
My modelling desk may appear a bit chaotic but I do know where most things are-at least most of the time!
Slightly damaged the anchor decal on the left. Oh well, battle damage! They were a real pig to apply, very thin and kept curling up!
My squadron! ¡Recuperaremos las islas Malvinas!
Painting instructions.
Box art. The typically gaudy American version is depicted which I also hope to make. I will use the decals from this version and apply them to another 1:72 I have in my stash which is identical to the previous Skyhawk I made. I am sure all that makes perfect sense!

3 thoughts on “Douglas A-4Q Skyhawk. Airfix 1:72 scale. Argentinian Naval Air force. La campaña militar para liberar las Malvinas 1982!”

    1. Thanks, hope you give it a go. Be warned canopy not a great fit which is why I left it open. I intend to make the American version and with air brakes open.

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